Here at WhoDat Towers, we don’t shy away from customers who think outside the box and want a custom fabricated aluminum tower on their boat.  The owner of this Wooldridge Cabin Boat had several needs and WhoDat Towers was more than happy to custom design and fabricate this Storage Rack / Rain Fly/ Rocket Launcher / Radar Mount Tower.

Like so many of you other boat owners out there, this customer uses his boat for everything: Crabbing, Shrimping, Leisurely Cruising, Fishing, etc., etc.  And also like most everyone else, deck space can be somewhat limiting.  So when the owner brought his boat to WhoDat Towers and starting discussing what he wanted and how he used his boat, this Tower came to fruition.

The main premise for this tower is the Rain Fly.  When you and your buddies are out fishing, the exposure to the elements can be unrelenting, except when constantly coming in and out of the cabin which brings the feeling of being separated from the action.  We custom designed this tower to overhang the back of the cabin so when the liquid sunshine (or rain to those of you not familiar with Washington’s weather) is really coming down you can duck for a bit of cover.  With that, we incorporated additional rod storage, a few mounting pads for some deck lights, as well as some additional hand railing for those choppy seas.  Then, for those precious few days we can go shrimping or for dropping crab pots on the way out to the fishing grounds, we added a rack system to the tower for storage & securing of crab & shrimp pots, coolers, or just about anything else someone might want to throw on top of their cabin and not have it be pitched overboard.  By the way, this doubles nicely as additional hand railing when loading or unloading the boat at the docks or for moving around to the bow of the boat.  As we continue to move forward on the boat and tower, we come to final main design feature, the Radar Mount.  Many people simply install radar extension directly to their cabin, and while this methods works, they can get a little flimsy.  We decided to extend the tower a bit farther past the storage compartments and match the crown and bow of the cabin.  This gave us and the customer enough room to mount the radar, with room to spare for installation of an anchor light and two forward spot/search lights.

As with most custom towers of this nature, we had to custom design & fabricate this tower directly from the boat while it was in our shop so no installation was needed after the fact.  We had to install all the mounting pads first, then bend and cope each piece of pipe to match the boat.  So once we were done, so was the tower.  This particular customer was well versed in the wiring and electronics field so once the tower was done, he took the boat and installed all the peripherals himself.  He was nice enough to send us a finished picture of his boat and tower once everything was installed.

Customer Picture after Wiring

Wooldridge Custom Tower Customer Picture