Our T-tops will give your boat just the new look it needs.  However, since the framework is custom made to match & connect to the center console it does require your boat to be in our Centralia, WA shop.

Constructed out of Anodized Aluminum, our products are built to last by fishermen for fishermen. Available in either a canvas or fiberglass top, the boat top will be built with the utmost quality, care and attention to detail. Additionally, since each boat top is custom built, your boat will be required in our secure shop for 7-14 days minimum to prepare the design and complete the installation.


Our Custom Design Process:

1. Computer Aided Design & Drafting

2. Custom Fabrication

3. Precision Installation

T-Tops for Boats

WhoDat Towers makes the finest t-tops for boats.  We make t-tops for any type of boat including Hewes Craft, Duckworth, Alumaweld, River Hawk, Thunderjet, and many more.  Take a look at our photo gallery of t-tops.

Take a look at our photo gallery for more examples of our work.
Photo Gallery