Canvas Top Towers | Photo Gallery

This gallery has projects featuring both Aluminum and Fiberglass boats.

For aluminum boats, this entails converting your boat to rigid framework thru one of three methods.  First, using your existing canvas, we fabricate a welded frame that exactly matches the height and shape of your canvas.  Second, we fabricate a welded structure from scratch allowing for changes, then you have a new custom canvas made by anyone of your choosing.  Finally, we fabricate a fishing tower, or in certain situations add to your existing tower, then we use the tower as a base to create a free floating framework.  This allows you to have the canvas in different configurations depending on the day and your requirements.

For Fiberglass boats, there are two main options.  First, there is the fishing tower with free floating framework and configurable canvas as mentioned above.  Second, we fabricate a full skip tower framework and instead of using a fiberglass top it has a canvas top.  This still allows for a windshield, side curtains, and back drop.

However, being custom, it does require your boat at our

Centralia, WA facility.

Canvas Top Tower Gallery

Alumaweld 38

Alumaweld 39

Hewescraft 14

Hewescraft 73

Grady White 2

Grady White 17

Highfield A

Highfield B

Jet Craft A


NorthRiver 157

NorthRiver 158

NorthRiver 159

Smokercraft A

Tern 18 A

Tern 18 C
Tern 23 A

Tern 23 B

Tern 23 C
Tern 23 D

Thunder Jet 52

Toddster A

Wooldridge E