Fishing Towers | Radar Arches

Our experienced staff can make a customized Fishing Tower with Rocket Launchers or Radar Arch to fit your needs.

NorthRiver M2 on Water

Constructed out of Anodized Aluminum, our products are built to last by fishermen for fishermen and each boat tower will be worked on with the utmost quality, care and attention to detail.  Additionally, all towers and arches can be installed by our experienced staff in our secure shop.


Our Custom Design Process:
1.) It’s not our boat, so why should we limit you with set designs?  If you can think it and we agree that it will look good & be sturdy, we’ll build it.
(But for those of us who aren’t so creative, copying the general look of a previous tower is completely acceptable.)
2.) After taking some general measurements and utilizing advanced computer modeling software, we custom design the tower to match your existing top.
3.) With detailed shop drawings, our shop personnel fabricate the tower with uncanny accuracy.  Also, the owner personally works on every tower we build.
4.) Once the tower is completed, the installation process begins.  Some people think you just throw a tower up there and bolt it down, but we do a much more precise install making sure everything is properly aligned.


Our photo gallery is our most prized possession. 

Pictures of towers on the ground give you little idea of how a tower is going to look on your boat.  We do our best to take pictures of every single boat and tower that comes through our shop to give potential customers an idea of what a custom tower could look like on our boat.  P.S. Make sure to look at galleries other than your boat’s manufacturer.  Boats are different, but every owner is unique so sometimes the best ideas comes from previous customers.
Photo Gallery

We build towers for customers all across the United States, Canada, and the world.  We are located in Olympia, Wa, but we love doing business with our local neighbors in British Columbia, Idaho, Boise, Oregon, Portland, Salem, and broader Canada.