Rocket Launchers | Photo Gallery

These are rod holder assemblies for boats that already have hard tops! We custom build each Rocket Launcher to match the curvature of your top, and then outfit it with as many rod holders as you want, within reason (we've done them with up to 17 holders)!

To give you an idea of how your Rocket Launchers will look, below are some examples of the types of the Rocket Launchers that we've installed in the past on a variety of boats, including: Arima, Boston Whaler, Defiance, Duckworth, Grady White, Hewescraft, Hydrasport, Kingfisher, North River, Parker, Pro Line, Pursuit, Rosborough, Sea Sport, Striper, Trophy, Weldcraft, and Wooldridge.

Rocket Launchers Gallery

Arima Rockets A
Arima Rockets B

Arima Rockets C

Boston Whaler Rockets
Defiance Rockets A
Defiance Rockets B
Defiance Rockets C

Defiance Rockets D

Duckworth Rockets
Grady White Rockets A
Grady White Rockets B
Grady White Rockets C

Grady White Rockets D

Hewescraft Rockets A
Hewescraft Rockets B
Hewescraft Rockets C
Hewescraft Rockets D

Hewescraft Rockets E

Hydrasport Rockets
Kingfisher Rockets
North River Rockets A
North River Rockets B

North River Rockets C

Parker Rockets A
Parker Rockets B
Parker Rockets C
Pro Line Rockets
Pursuit Rockets A
Pursuit Rockets B

Pursuit Rockets C

Rocket Launchers A
Rocket Launchers B
Rosborough Rockets
SeaSport Rockets
Striper Rockets
Trophy Rockets
Weldcraft Rockets A
Weldcraft Rockets B
Weldcraft Rockets C

Weldcraft Rockets D

Wooldridge Rockets