Marine Foam Flooring | Photo Gallery

Introduced at the 2017 Seattle Boat Show, the closed cell EVA dual colored Marine Foam Flooring is slowly but surely becoming a staple at WhoDat Towers.  As with all of our new products, it just takes time & guinea pigs (aka clients) until we get things figured out.  I can see a big difference between our initial marketing products and these latest pictures added to the gallery.  One of the nice things about when you bring your boat to us for a tower, you can schedule to have your boat decked out in this as well.

It's Easily Cleaned!

One of the biggest questions we get is “How well does it come clean?” Well, we put black sharpie, Coca Cola, & soy sauce on a a sample piece and let it sit overnight.
Next day, with some soap and water it came clean.

Marine Foam Flooring Gallery

2017 Boat Show Swim Deck Display
Teak Over Black
Gray Over Blue
Black Over Green
Cooler Pad 1
Cooler Pad 2
Weldcraft Rebel Rod Protectors
Fish Rulers
Rodlyn Thunder Jet Foam
Renaissance Marine Foam Packages
RH Boats Foam 1
RH Boats Foam 2
WTC Helm Pad
Seat Cushion
Polling Platform
North River Swim Platform
Thunder Jet Trim Package
Horse Trailer Pad
Defiance Instigator
Cooler Pad 3
2018 Boat Show Display
Thunder Jet Bolster and Ruler
Gunnel Pad

Happy Ours

Jet Craft Foam Upgrade

Northwest Boats Gunnel Topper
North River Package

North River Transom Bolster