Wakeboard Towers

We can design and build the perfect wakeboard tower to match the form and styling of your boat. 

Our experienced staff can make a customized Wakeboard Tower to fit your needs.  Constructed out of Anodized Aluminum, our products are built to last.  Additionally, since each tower is custom built, your boat will be required in our secure shop to prepare the design and complete the installation.

Our Custom Design Process:

1. Computer Aided Design & Drafting

2. Custom Fabrication

3. Precision Installation

Take a look at our photo gallery for more examples of our work. Photo Gallery


Whodat Towers specializes in creating beautiful wakeboard towers for your boat.  Contact us today for a free quote.  Get that customer wakeboard tower at an affordable price.  Make your boat complete.

Whodat Towers can build wakeboard towers for you no matter where you live.  We serve the US, Canada, and beyond.

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  • Seattle, WA Wakeboard Towers
  • Bellingham, WA Wakeboard Towers
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