Wakeboard Towers | Photo Gallery

To give you an idea of how your Wakeboard Tower will look, below are some examples of the types of Wakeboard Towers that we’ve done in the past on a variety of boats, including: Bayliner, Blue Water, Campion, Glasstream, Glasstron, Master Craft, North River, Reinell, Robalo, SeaRay, Sea Swirl, Stingray, Willie Boats, and Yamaha.

However, being custom, it does require your boat to be in our Centralia, WA shop.

Wakeboard Towers Gallery

Bayliner 1

Bayliner 2

Blue Water A

Blue Water B


Cobolt A

Cobolt B

Glasstron 1

Glasstron 2


Glasstron 3


MB Sports

North River

Regal B

Reinell A
Reinell B
Reinell C
SeaRay A
SeaRay B
SeaRay C
Willie Boats
Yamaha A
Yamaha B