Ever wonder how bright the LED Deck Light’s are that we install on our Custom, Anodized Aluminum Fishing Towers here at WhoDat Towers?  Here is a picture of a Thunder Jet’s deck with just one LED deck light.  This picture comes from a combination Fishing and Wakeboard Tower we recently custom designed and fabricated for a Thunder Jet.  While this is not the best LED deck light available, it is water resistant, durable, cost effective, looks good on a tower, and gets the job done.

We have several different wiring methods when we install LED Deck Lights on our towers. Many times we just connect them to an existing switch on the dash (normally auxiliary). We also custom install new switches tucked up under the gunnel right at the back of the canvas and tower so they can be reached from outside the boat when trailering it. This location is nice for early morning launches and late night pull-outs as you don’t have to jump up in the boat to get a bit off light.

This LED Deck Light is one of many options available to add to your custom tower.  Check our blog often for more descriptions and pictures of our wide range of options.