WhoDat Marine Foam Flooring

Flooring & Swim Decks

This foam is made specifically for the boating environment so it is relatively soft to the touch, has good slip resistance & anti-fatigue properties,is UVA protected, and won’t absorb water.  It’s great for your swim decks, floors, under gunnel rod protectors, steering stations, helms, radio boxes, etc.  It’s easily machinable so it can be made into custom shapes with custom patterns & logos, plus, since it is available in a multitude color combinations we can find something that matches you and your boat.

Cooler Pads

Kids use your cooler as a workbench?  Use your cooler as a seat while trolling and are tired of feeling like you sat on a rock the entire day?  We can custom build you a pad out of 1/4″, 9/16″ or 15/16″ foam so it feels like you have some more junk under your trunk.

Gunnel Bolsters

Tired of leaning overboard to net that fish having and your thighs rub up against that unyielding gunnel?  Rough seas doing a number on your hips?  No problem, add a 15/16″ (24mm) thick custom made bolster to give you that added bit of cushion.  Additionally, each bolster can be custom engraved with a pattern, text, and/or logo of your choosing for an additional fee.