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Now located in Centralia, WA

Now located in Centralia, WA

Fishing Towers

Custom built fishing towers that match your boat and then accessorized to meet your needs.

Hard Top / Skip Towers

We have the hard top or skip top you are looking for.  Contact us today.


We can build the perfect t-top for your boat.  Our modern designs and craftsmanship will be the perfect complement to your boat.

Wakeboard Towers

We work with every boat and owner to match functionality & originality with feasibility & aesthetics.


Half Towers

Custom radar installation solutions for Cabin, Hard Top, Fly Bridge, etc. boats.

Rocket Launchers

Custom designed and built rod storage solutions to fit any boat.

Ski Pylon

A cost effective alternative to a full tower to get the rope off your motors and out of the prop wash.


Cutting Boards

A basic cutting board that can be customized to match your boats’ “Theme!”


Marine Foam Flooring

Marine Foam Flooring CNC machined to fit on or into most spaces of your boat.


Keep up to date with whats going on with WhoDat in our Blog Posts.

Rocket Launcher Assembly

Need additional rod storage on your skip tower or cabin? WhoDat Tower can custom build Rocket Launcher Assemblies to match your boat.

Rain Fly Custom Aluminum Boat Tower

Here at WhoDat Towers, we don't shy away from customers who think outside the box and want a custom fabricated aluminum tower on their boat.  The owner of this Wooldridge Cabin Boat had several needs and WhoDat Towers was more than happy to custom design and fabricate...

LED Deck Light

Ever wonder how bright the LED Deck Light's are that we install on our Custom, Anodized Aluminum Fishing Towers here at WhoDat Towers?  Here is a picture of a Thunder Jet's deck with just one LED deck light.  This picture comes from a combination Fishing and Wakeboard...

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